Montage side panel 1DAs one of the oldest and most active bushwalking clubs in WA, we have a considerable depth of knowledge and experience to share.

Our peak bushwalking program is from March to November and includes midweek and weekend walks in the Perth region, plus multi-day hikes and basecamp hiking in the greater WA region. 

Our summer activities - when it is generally too hot to bushwalk - are in and around Perth and include river, beach and parkland walks, starting very early morning and often concluding with coffee/brunch at a café.

We encourage and support our members to develop bushwalking skills and self-reliance, through skills development in navigation (map, compass and GPS), first-aid and walk leadership. 

Additionally, our social program allows members the opportunity to hear from interesting speakers on a regular basis at our monthly Club meetings, held from February to November. Non-members are welcome. See the Social Events Calendar or email for details. To celebrate the years end, we hold an annual Club Christmas party for members.

What we offer:

  • A wide range of activities and a strong program - from on-track and off-track day walks, base-camp hiking, plus more challenging multi-day hikes carrying packs to cater to a range of abilities and preferences. If you are just starting out in bushwalking you will have an opportunity to build confidence and progress from easy to more challenging activities. See recent Past Activities
  • Skills training & development - opportunities for largely free training and development in leadership, navigation, camping, backpacking skills, first aid, and wilderness survival.
  • Safety standards - with a long history of conducting safe activities, our policies and practices foster high standards of risk management.
  • Public liability and personal accident insurance - provides comfort and peace of mind that if something does go wrong, you are far more protected than you would be otherwise.
  • Walk fellowship - share walking activities with a group of like-minded individuals and form many new friendships.
  • Gear hire - we maintain some bushwalking and camping equipment for hire to members at very low rates.
  • Environmental responsibility - our practices ensure our activities have minimal impact on the natural environment  that provides us with so much pleasure.
  • Permanency - we have stood the test of time with a proud history spanning over 50 years, with many long term members.