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To make a purchase you need to first login to your account using the login name and password you have previously used (e.g. for Intro Walk registration or later).

If you have not yet created your account then do so here: create account.

Please see below the current Introductory Walk dates and information on how to register/purchase a Voucher for your Introductory walk.

Introductory Walk Dates

Introductory walks are now closed for this season.

Introductory walks for next season will be advertised from early March 2023


 All dates are guaranteed .

If none of the dates above are suitable, please check back later as we generally add new walk dates a month in advance.

Register and Purchase

To purchase an Introductory walk voucher and book a walk, please complete the 4 steps below:

1) Register your details and nominate a user name.

2) Choose a date from the dates above (if suitable) and continue to steps 3 & 4.

3) Purchase a Voucher (see "Add to Cart" button below.)

    Note : Purchase one voucher per person. Partners and friends need their own member profile and account.

    Note: If your Club Member sponsor wishes to purchase the voucher on your behalf, you must complete Steps 1& 2 above before  your Sponsor purchases your voucher.

    Vouchers are non-refundable.

4) Book your place:  After you have purchased your Voucher, immediately book your place by sending an email to the Introductory Walks Coordinator at, nominating which walk date you prefer.

You will then receive a personal email confirming your place.

Also please keep a record of the Username and Password you have used for registering for your Introductory walk. You will need these for logging back into the website to purchase membership after your walk.

You can pay via our online shopping cart via either credit card or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT Bank transfer). 

If paying by EFT bank transfer, use your surname and "intro walk" as a reference. No responsibility will be taken by the Club for funds deposited that aren’t identifiable. It may take a few days for your EFT payment to be finalised.

Please read the information on our 'Becoming a member' page to find out more about what to bring.