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To make a purchase you need to first login to your account using the login name and password you have previously used (e.g. for Intro Walk registration or later).

If you have not yet created your account then do so here: create account.

This voucher is for prospective members to join us on an Introductory Walk.

  1. Register your details and get a Username.
  2. Purchase one voucher only (partners need their own username and account).
  3. Send an email with your preferred date (see below), to the Introductory Walks Coordinator: 
  4. We will then contact you with more information and confirm your date to join us on an Intro Walk.

The current walk dates with places available are -


Sunday June 18th  Fully Booked

Sunday June 25th

Sunday July 2nd


If you haven't already, also see the information on our New Members pages to find out more about joining Perth Bushwalkers Club.

Also please keep a record of the Username and Password you have used for registering for your Intro. Walk. You will need those for logging back into the website to purchase membership after your walk.