Welcome handshake

Membership Application - At the successful completion of your Introductory Walk you will be invited to join the Club as a member. If you decide to join, purchase your membership online on this website by logging back in using the same username and password you used when registering for your Intro Walk (or alternatively complete a Membership Application form available from the Intro. Walks Coordinator).

Membership Fee & Entitlements - The Club’s annual membership fee is currently $40. There are no further Club fees for activities except those that might be specifically incurred for transport, accommodation, equipment hire, professional fees (e.g. guest leaders) or meals. Once you have become a member you will have access to the Perth Bushies Discussion Forum and will start receiving the Club’s weekly ‘Cooee’ email update. You will also have access to the members' area of this website, including Upcoming Activities, and to the Club’s quarterly Venturer newsletter. You will receive your membership confirmation and member number by email, please keep this email handy. See also the Club's Membership Policy for additional information.

Still undecided? - If, after completing the Introductory Walk, you are undecided about progressing membership, you may attend up to three Club activities within 12 months, as a ‘Visitor’, while retaining the option to join. A $10 ‘Visitor’ fee is payable for each walk you attend as a non-member. To attend a Club walk as a ‘Visitor’ you must contact the walk leader in advance to obtain their permission to come on their walk - to do so email/contact our walks coordinator at: pbwwalkscoord@gmail.com.

Going for walks as a member - Upon becoming a member you will be able to access details of upcoming Club activities via the Upcoming Activities. The Club’s weekly ‘Cooee’ email to members also includes a summary list with links to the upcoming activities. They may also be discussed at the monthly Club meetings. See the outline of Club activities for information on how to choose walks that should be within your capabilities. New members are best to begin with the less challenging walks while getting to better know their own capabilities. If you are uncertain, contact the walk leader (by phone or email) in advance of the walk, tell them that you are a new member and obtain their acceptance that you are capable of the walk. The leader’s contact details are always included with the walk description.

The Club also has introduction-to-backpacking weekends for new members. If you can spare a weekend away, this is one of the best ways to meet other Club members and get accustomed to the Club’s culture.