Who Can Join?

Anyone who is aged 18 years or more and who has the necessary fitness and agility to take part in the Club’s activity program is welcome to join the Perth Bushwalkers Club. If you are interested in joining, look through this website to get an idea of our activities, if you haven't already. You are also welcome to come along to one of our Club meetings to talk with existing members and hear a speaker presenting on a topic of interest to bushwalkers.

How do I Join?

Intro WalkBefore joining Perth Bushwalkers Club all prospective new members are required to complete an Introductory Walk. Introductory Walks ensure that all members have a known minimum standard of fitness and bushwalking competence. Introductory Walks are conducted from April - October each year. They are an important part of the Club's Risk Management strategy and assist new members to become full and active participants in the Club's activities. 

An Intro. Walk will typically involve about 4-5 hours of bushwalking (excluding breaks), it may include off-track walking and steepish hills. In addition to the Walk Leader, other Club members are also invited to attend Introductory Walks, and are always happy to share with you their experiences with the Club.

The Walk Leader will aim to ensure that the walk is as close as possible to a typical Club event and participants will enjoy a pleasant walk through the forest. Those who are not regular bushwalkers may find this first walk quite strenuous. Prior to, and during the walk your Leader and other experienced members will talk about specific aspects of bushwalking with the Club which will reinforce information you received by email beforehand.

It is essential to book a place on an Introductory Walk as early as possible as numbers on the walks are limited for safety reasons. There is a booking fee of $10 per person for prospective members on our Introductory Walks which is paid in advance by online purchase of an 'Admin Fee Voucher - Introductory walks'. This fee helps offset the cost incurred by the Club, such as insurance.

Following the successful completion of the Introductory Walk, you can join the Club. The Club’s Annual Membership fee is currently $40.

Please be aware that as our Club's Bushwalking Season ends early November, no Introductory Walks are offered from  mid-October to mid-March. Introductory Walks are scheduled frequently throughout the local bushwalking season (approx: March - November).

To book your place (March - October) please complete the following steps

Step 1. Create an online account with us. You should only create this, if you intend to purchase an 'Admin Fee Voucher - Introductory walk'. This account will not give you any additional access to the Club or its website. (Note: Make sure you keep a record of your new username & password as you will also need those for logging back in to purchase membership online after your Intro. 

Choose a date: book a place on an Introductory Walk

If you see a date that suits you go ahead and purchase an 'Admin Fee Voucher - Introductory walks'. Immediately after you have purchased the voucher you will need to send an email to the Introductory Walks Coordinator to confirm your place -

Before the walk please read the Club's information sheet on "How to be a responsible bushwalker".

If you have any queries with regard to your booking or about the Club please contact us at

If purchasing a voucher via the internet is not an option, please contact the Introductory Walks Coordinator at to arrange a manual purchase.

What do I Bring?

On your Introductory Bushwalk and your subsequent Club walks, make sure you are equipped with the following items:

  • Comfortable daypack - worn on your back - in which to carry your gear.
  • Small first aid kit - for your own use.
  • Minimum of 2 litres of water -  in an unbreakable container; essential for both summer and winter walks. (Note: If you turn up for a walk with less than 2 litres water, you will not be permitted to attend, as you may put both yourself and others at risk. Also, in hot weather, you may be wise to carry more than 2 litres depending on your own personal requirements).
  • Strong, comfortable footwear.
  • Adequate protection from the weather - including hat, sunscreen, rain gear (according to season and weather forecast). If you put yourself at risk (e.g. of heat exhaustion or hypothermia) by not being suitably equipped, you may also put the group at risk.
  • Adequate protection from the bush through which you will be walking. Long trousers, gaiters, and a long-sleeved shirt are recommended when walking off tracks (cross-country). Shorts are more suitable for tracks and open-country walking. Jeans are not suitable for bushwalking.
  • Whistle for safety - metal or plastic.
  • Food for the day - morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
  • Sufficient cash - for contributing to car pooling, if available on the day.

Preferably delay buying expensive new equipment until you have been on a few Club walks after joining. After a few walks and advice from experienced walkers you will have a better idea of your needs and preferences so you can then make a more informed choice.

-> Purchase an 'Admin Fee Voucher - Introductory walk'