What is an introductory walk?

It is important to understand this is not an introduction to bushwalking. It is an introduction to the Perth Bushwalkers Club, to allow potential members to join us on a typical walk to experience our style of bushwalking.

We expect that anyone who comes along has the fitness and ability to complete the walk.

More information can be found on our website at: https://perthbushwalkers.asn.au/new-members/interested-in-joining

How hard is a walk?


How do I purchase an introductory walk?

We no longer have a manual system for paying for intro walks (or memberships) so you will need to master our online system.

After you have created an account you can log in and follow the links on the "Join Menu", on the first page (bottom right), and purchase an Admin Voucher for the intro walk.

Once you have gone through the purchase process there will be a choice of either EFT payment or Credit Card payment.

When you have successfully purchased an Admin Voucher for the intro walk you will receive an automatic reply receipt. The available walk dates are posted on the Introductory Walks page. You will need to choose a date and email the introductory walks coordinator, who will then confirm your intro walk date.

Where do we meet and what time

(This section has been temporaraily suspended, Due to Covid 19 we no longer encourage car pooling from Applecross. However shorter duration car pooling can be unavoidable on some walks. Details of the starting place and time will be advised in the week prior to the walk.)

The introductory walks all start at our club meeting point in Applecross. The start times vary depending on the leader, between 7.30am & 8.15am. You will then be given details of the walk location and a map to the start of the walk. Member walks have a secondary starting place that members can go to, closer to the walk starting place, as an alternative to the Applecross meeting place.

Can I meet up with the group somewhere else other than Applecross?

It is club policy that all introductory walkers attend the meeting point at Applecross. If you happen to live close to the walk location you are welcome to take your own vehicle to minimise the journey time on the way home.

What is the estimated time we will be finished? 

Generally we finish the walk about 3.00 pm. sometimes the participants will go for a social drink, but that is optional.

An estimated time to be back to  at the starting point is is between 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm 

Why is the location of the introductory walk not disclosed?

We do not publicise the location for introductory walks as this allows us to change the location at short notice.

This could be due to a change in the weather or a change of leader; we also sometimes have multiple introductory walks on the same day when there are a lot of walkers.

I do not have a car, can I get to the walk using public transport?

It is unlikely that you would be able to get to the walk location using public transport.

We encourage car pooling and on most walks it is possible to share a ride from the meeting point at Applecross. The closest station is Canning Bridge this is a 15 minute walk to the meeting point.

If you do not have transport, please send an email to the Introductory walks coordinator to confirm if a car pooling will be available, before you purchase an introductory walk voucher.

What if I am booked in to an intro walk but do not attend?

You must inform us before the meeting time if you do not intend to walk otherwise you will forfeit your Admin fee of $10. Please select a new date from those shown on the website and advise the intro walks coordinator when you are ready to attend.

Why am I am unable to access the Admin Fee Voucher page?

We may temporarily close the admin fee voucher page if we are fully booked or for other operational issues.

You will find a message on the page to indicate when it will be active again.

Also we do not conduct introductory walks in the summer months. We open the admin fee voucher page early March for the start of the season about mid April.

I have purchased an Admin Fee voucher for an intro walk  but have not been contacted by anyone.

We try to confirm your place on a walk within a few days of your application. Occasionally things go wrong and emails get lost. In this case please send a follow up email to pbwmembers@yahoo.com.au and give us a nudge.

If you see a date on the website then the walk is still open.

I would like to walk with a friend / partner can I purchase two admin fees for introductory walks?

To purchase an introductory walk you must personally complete the online account details. Each prospective member thus needs to purchase an individual intro walk voucher.

You are not able register for someone else as there is some important information regarding the walking conditions that each member should read.

Each member must also have there own unique email address in order to use our membership system.

I would like to bring my son/daughter is this allowed?

The club is only open to members over the age of 18. This includes introductory walks. On club walks, the leader has the discretion to allow family members to come along, but the leader must be contacted beforehand to arrange approval. It is expected that approved family members are capable of completing the walk.

I have completed an introductory walk what is my next step to become a member?

You will receive a confirmation email to say you have completed your introductory walk; you should then be able to log in to the website and purchase a membership.

'Intro Walkers' whom have successfully completed an 'Intro Walk' are termed 'Prospective' members.

To purchase a membership, 'Prospective' members need to login to their account using the login details they obtained on purchasing an 'Intro Walk' voucher.

If you have not already done so, you will also need to complete in your profile the fields - gender, birth year, address, suburb, postcode and primary phone, these are all required fields (see the "Member Menu" for "My profile")

  • Otherwise you will get the following error message: "Membership purchase declined. We require you to complete your profile record with a minimum of the following fields filled out".

Once this is completed, you can purchase a membership via the "Purchase/Renew Membership" link in the "Member Menu".