Who Can Join?

Anyone who is aged 18 years or more and who has the necessary fitness and agility to take part in the Club’s walk program can join the Club.  If you are interested, you are welcome to come along to one of our Club meetings to talk with existing members and hear a speaker presenting on a topic of interest to bushwalkers.

How to Join?

Intro Walk

Before becoming a member, we ask all prospective new members to complete an Introductory walk to ensure  a minimum standard of fitness and bushwalking competence. Introductory walks are conducted from April - October each year. They are an important part of the Club's Risk Management strategy and allows you to learn more about Club activities and assist you in determining if you would like to join. 

An Introductory walk typically involves about 4-5 hours of bushwalking (excluding breaks), some off-track walking and steepish hills. The walk leader will aim to ensure that the walk is as close as possible to a typical Club activity and that you enjoy a pleasant day in the bush. Those who are not regular bushwalkers may find this first walk quite strenuous. Prior to, and during the walk your leader and other experienced members will talk about specific aspects of bushwalking with the Club.

It is essential to book your place on an Introductory walk as early as possible as numbers on the walks are limited for safety reasons. There is a booking fee of $10 per person, paid in advance, by online purchase of an 'Introductory Voucher”. This fee helps offset the cost incurred by the Club, including insurance.

Following the successful completion of your Introductory walk, we hope you join the Club. The Club’s Annual Membership fee is currently $40.

How to acquire an Introductory Voucher and book a walk (Apr - Oct)

Step 1Create an online account with us......  

This account will not give you access to the member’s sections of the Club’s website, but enables you to purchase an “Introductory Voucher.” 

Please keep a record of your username & password as you will need these to log back in to purchase your membership online, should you wish to do so once you have completed your Introductory walk.

Step 2. Purchase -  Introductory Voucher.

Access to details about upcoming Introductory walks will become available once a voucher is purchased.

For examples of recent Club walks, visit "Past Activities." 

What to bring?

On your Introductory walk or subsequent Club walks, at a minimum you will need to bring:

  • Sturdy, comfortable walking boots or shoes. Suitable for off track walking 
  • Comfortable backpack, daypacks are ideal
  • Water, at least two litres, three if it is a hot day. In an unbreakable container.
  • Morning tea, lunch and snacks
  • Suitable clothing - long sleeved shirt and trousers recommended
  • Hat, sunblock, sunglasses, as required
  • Small first aid kit for your personal use
  • Whistle – for safety
  • Medications - ensure you notify the leader of any relevant medical conditions
  • Rain jacket in winter (with head covering so water does not run down your neck). If foul weather is likely, it is suggested you carry a change of clothing and leave them in the car during the walk – the walk will still go on, rain, hail or shine!

We recommend you delay buying expensive new equipment until you have been on a few Club walks after joining. After a few walks and advice from experienced walkers you will have a better idea of your needs and preferences and will be able to make a more informed choice.

What if there are no Introductory Walks scheduled? (Nov – Mar)

Please email our Introductory Walks Coordinator at to discuss your interest in joining the Club.

Becoming a Member

Once you have successfully completed your Introductory walk and decided to join the Club, please purchase your membership online by logging back into the website using the same username & password you used when registering for your Introductory walk.

Annual membership is currently $40. There are no further Club fees for activities except those that might be specifically incurred for transport, accommodation, meals, etc.

You will receive your membership confirmation and member number by email. Please keep this handy.

As a member you will have access to the members' area of this website, including “Upcoming Activities” with details of upcoming walks. You will also start receiving the Club’s weekly ‘Cooee’ e-news and quarterly “Venturer” newsletter. See the Club's Membership Policy for additional information.

As a new member, it is best to begin with less challenging walks while getting to better know your own capabilities. If you are uncertain, contact the walk leader by phone or email in advance of a walk (contact details are always included with the walk description), tell them you are a new member and discuss the walk terrain with them to ensure that you are capable of the walk.

The Club also has introduction-to-backpacking weekends for new members. If you can spare a weekend away, this is one of the best ways to meet other Club members and get accustomed to the Club’s friendly culture.

Still undecided? 

If, after completing the Introductory walk, you are undecided about progressing to membership, you may attend a further three Club activities within 12 months as a ‘Visitor’, while retaining the option to join.  

To attend a Club walk as a ‘Visitor’ please contact our walks coordinator at to discuss a suitable walk, as the permission of the walk leader is required in advance for you to join their walk.  Once obtained, you will also need to purchase a $10 “Visitor Voucher” to cover the cost of insurance.