What is an Introductory walk?

It is important to understand this is not an introduction to bushwalking, rather an introduction to the Perth Bushwalkers Club, to allow you to join us on a typical walk to experience our style of bushwalking and for you to be able to assess how ‘hard’ (or 'easy'!) a typical Club walk is.

We expect that anyone who comes along has the fitness and ability to complete the walk.

How hard is a walk?

Introductory walks are up to 15km in length, include about 300 vertical metres of hills, and take approximately four to five hours excluding rest stops – so allow six hours if you include rest stops. The walk allows you to see how we operate and allows us to tell you about our customs and practices, including the way we manage the risks involved in walking in Western Australia.

The walk will not be hard for most bushwalkers, although a small number of participants do find it quite strenuous. Most bushwalkers who participate thoroughly enjoy the walk and go on to join the club.

Where do we meet and what time?

Once you have purchased an Introductory walk voucher you will have access to "Upcoming Introductory Walks" which details when and where to meet specific to each walk.

What is the estimated time we will be finished? 

Generally, we finish the walk about 3.00 pm. Sometimes participants will go for a social drink, however this is optional.

An estimated time to be back to at the starting point is between 2.30pm and 4.30pm. 

I do not have a car; can I get to the walk using public transport?

It is unlikely that you would be able to get to the walk location using public transport.

If you do not have transport, please send an email to the Introductory Walks Coordinator at info@perthbushwalkers.asn.au to confirm if a car-pooling option is available, before you purchase an Introductory walk voucher.

The majority of PBW walks in the Perth Hills would likely be a $5 donation per person for car-pooling, assuming the meeting place (i.e. not the walk starting point) is not too far from Perth, e.g. Midland, Kalamunda, Mundaring, Pickering Brook, Armadale region are common meeting places, so up to about 50km from the meeting place to the walk start. If there is a significant extra distance to drive, e.g. drives from the meeting place to areas such as Walyunga National Park, Avon Valley NP, Julimar State Forest, Dwellingup area, etc, may justify $10/pp. You should also confirm with the driver as to what is acceptable to them.

What should I bring?

Once you have registered for an Introductory walk, you will receive some Club information that we ask you read prior to the walk and an outline of what to bring.

What if I am booked into an Introductory walk but do not attend?

You must “deregister” yourself online from the Introductory walk before the meeting time, otherwise you will forfeit your voucher fee of $10. Please select a new date from those shown on the "Upcoming Introductory Walks" page.

Why am I unable to access the Introductory Voucher page?

We may have temporarily closed the Introductory voucher page because of operational issues. You should find a message on the page to indicate when the page will be active again.

Additionally, we do not conduct Introductory walks in the summer months. The Introductory Voucher page is reactivated in early March for the start of the main bushwalking season in April.

In this case, please email the Introductory Walks Coordinator at info@perthbushwalkers.asn.au to discuss your interest in becoming a member

I would like to walk with a friend/partner. Can I purchase two Introductory walk vouchers?

No. To purchase an Introductory walk voucher each person must personally complete the online account details and purchase an individual Introductory walk voucher, as there is some important information that each person should read.

I would like to bring my son/daughter, is this allowed?

The Club is only open to members over the age of 18. This includes Introductory walk participants.

On Club walks (once you are a member), the leader has the discretion to allow Visitors including family members to come along, but the leader must be contacted beforehand to arrange approval. It is expected that approved Visitors / family members are capable of completing the walk.  Family members will be required to purchase a Visitor voucher prior to the walk.

I have completed an Introductory walk. What is my next step to become a member?

You will receive a confirmation email to say you have completed your Introductory Walk; you can then log back into the website using the same login details you used previously and purchase a membership.